Leading with purpose,
starting with why

An organisation’s North Star serves as a compass for all decision making, and a root that anchors your company, products and brand. More often than not, our client work starts with partnering with CEOs and CMOs to co-create their organisation’s North Star.

Mindyasa’s North Star framework helps companies to clearly communicate their purpose, mission, beliefs and future hopes and dreams.

The outcome is 300-400 words that will directly and indirectly touch all your stakeholders. From The Board to employees, from prospects to customers, from the media to shareholders, all will be impacted by your North Star. 

Metrics can be designed to track progress. These normally fall into one of three categories: attention, productivity or transactional.

A foundational tenet, with big benefits

Your North Star serves as a central catalyst for everything you do

  • Clarity for all stakeholders
  • A compass for decision making
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased customer affinity
  • Measurable and reportable


Defining an organisation’s North Star

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“Our North Star has given our team a common understanding of our organization’s purpose, mission, hopes and dreams. Providing clarity as to why ACT exists and what we intend to do, it has rapidly become a key foundational tenet. It aligns our organization, helps us make sound strategic decisions, opens doors to new relationships and plays a role in retaining and hiring the right talent.”


Janet Godwin, CEO, ACT

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