Global event business boosts clarity and flow with purpose, strategy and operating model redesign


  • A North Star
  • Strategic priorities and action plan
  • New operating model and organisational design
  • Improved SMT and employee alignment and accountability


  • Organisational health check
  • North Star creation framework and process
  • Strategy plan development
  • Operating model design

Unbound is a global events organisation with operations in London, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Revenue growth had slowed, a number of key executives had recently left and there was a lack of clarity amongst employees on its purpose, its priorities and how work got done. Mindyasa was retained to help their Chairman and CEO improve levels of clarity and flow to set the company up for success. During the engagement, we worked collaboratively with the CEO, Chairman and SMT to reshape and redefine the organisation from its purpose to its plan.

During the first phase of the project, an organisational health check was undertaken to seek quantitative and qualitative data to assess Unbound’s organisational health and identify opportunities for improvement as well as areas of tension. The check provided an opportunity to engage with all staff and validate concerns raised by the SLT.

The survey covered 10 sections including company positioning and performance, leaders and managers, people & teams, roles, culture, and growth & development. Employees answered using an agreement scale from 1-5 and all statements were
framed as a positive. The results were analysed to reveal areas of strength and six high level opportunities for improvement.

Partnering with the CEO, we led a number of workshops to improve clarity on foundational organisational tenets. Using clear methodologies, we led a process to create Unbound’s North Star and strategic priorities providing clarity and guidance to the SMT, employees and partners. Armed with a clear purpose and priorities we then developed and rolled out a strategy planning process with Unbound’s SMT. During this process, the SMT developed functional strategy plans to deliver on the organisation’s priorities, mission and purpose. These were discussed and decisions made to deliver a holistic strategy plan for the business.

Having a clear view of Unbound’s strategy plan, we then undertook a review of its operating model. A workflow and capability analysis was undertaken to understand the flow of work to be done and existing capabilities. Areas of capability development required, ways of working, and a governance framework were developed. A revised organisational chart and supporting role descriptions were also produced.

To further improve levels of flow within the organisation, Mindyasa developed a process mapping process. The end-to-end process for securing and delivering an event was documented, a critical cross functional flow of work that had previously not been written down. All employees were upskilled to capture and document key processes and a process mapping champion was identified and trained to lead the ongoing documentation of processes across the organisation.

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